B.T.N. Skinny Model Laws

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This B.T.N article was about models being pressured to loose weight, which can be unhealthy. Experts say that images of unhealthily skinny people allover magazines and the media, can effect young people to think that looking this way is fine and normal. But lots of the time the images aren’t even real, they’ve been digitally altered using photoshop. Italy, Israel and Spain, have already introduced laws preventing models from working if they’re unhealthily skinny, and now France has stepped in too. Since France is known as being one of the ‘fashion capitals’ it is a big deal. The new law says that companies can only hire models if they have a doctors certificate saying they are healthy. If a company breaks this law then they could be fined up to $100 000 and their staff could spend up to 6 months in jail. The law also says that is a company alters the photo, they need to say so, by having ‘retouched photograph’ printed on it. If this law is broken, advertisers could be fines up to $55 000. I now understand what the laws enforce and why it’s important. I wonder when Australia will create the same or a similar law. I wonder why companies had to be forced to not make their models look unrealistic and why they couldn’t just make them normal in the first place. 

100 word challenge #12

Prompt: wide, collapsed, orange, crocodile, within
Goal: My goal this week was to include dialogue.
‘Run!’ I shrieked as I yanked on my sister’s hand.
Everyone around me hesitated. In the distance another building collapsed. They took this as a warning and fled. Soon only four people were left. Me, my sister Mila and two of the palace guards. I was trying in vain to rescue Mila from the rubble. The wide landscape, which had once been beautiful, was now destroyed. The orange sky made the scenery glow. I felt Mila’s grip loosen as her limp hand dropped to the ground.
‘No! Mila!’ I cried. This can’t be happening. After everything; Mama and Papa being sent away, and now this. Mila was the one thing I loved apart from Jillum, my stuffed crocodile.  Papa hunted him down when I was 5 and now he is my only reminder of my old life. One of the guards pulled me away from her body and back within sight of the campground.
‘Goodbye Mila.’ I whispered, tears streaming down my face.

B.T.N. North Korea Threats

Recently, North Korea has been threatening some countries like the US, Japan and Australia to a nuclear war, and has been testing wepons the UN says it can’t make. But for around 40 years North Korea has been threatening other countries with war statements like this. North Korea also isn’t as powerful as it says. It is estimated that they have 10 nuclear weapons, while countries like the US or Russia, have approximately 7000 each. I wonder why North Korea is threating to start a nuclear war if they don’t have many weapons. I also wonder why North Korea is trying to      start a war in the first place. I now understand that Australians shouldn’t be too worried about North Korea’s threats.

100 word challenge #11

Prompt: …I couldn’t eat something so…

The wind howled in the dark of the night as I walked towards the city. The moonlight shone down on the skyscrapers, making it look magical. My stomach rumbled. I couldn’t eat something, I had nothing, and I wasn’t turning back now. In fact, I wasn’t turning back ever. The more I thought about it, the more glad I was that I left. I was finally free. The wind blew in my face, and I realised I had nowhere to stay. I looked around me and sighed. I guess this is where I’ll be staying for the next few weeks.

B.T.N. The Battle Of The Coral Sea.

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In World War II, there were two sides. On one side there was Australia, France, Britain, the Soviet Union, China and the United States. On the other side there was Germany, Italy and Japan. By 1942, in the middle of World War II Japan had conquered many countries in the pacific region, bombed a base in Darwin and won many naval battles, (battles at sea). All of this was part of Japan’s plan to take control over the whole Pacific Region. The Japanese forces were confident, so they decided to attack the Solomon Islands and Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea via the Coral sea. 

<< The Solomon Islands and Port Moresby




If they did so successfully it would strengthen their forces, cut ties between Australia and the U.S and it would make it easier for them to attack the Australian military bases. Little did they know that agencies had cracked their codes and figured out their plan. In May 1942 the U.S sent hundreds of troops to join Australia’s and went to sea to stop the Japanese. The fighting went on for several days. Both sides searched by air for each other’s vessels and attacked them by launching fighter planes from huge aircraft carriers, who dropped torpedoes or bombs on the enemy. I wonder why they decided to send American troops over rather than for example, China who were closer. I wonder why Japan got involved in the war in the first place. I now understand why Australia needed America’s help in the war and why America and Australia have such a good military friendship. 

100 word challenge #8

Prompt: …the slime dripped through…

The slime drips through my hands and onto the floor. As I look at the gooey, green puddle I feel my cheeks turn bright red. 27 pairs of eyes watch me to see my next move.
‘Melissa?’ Mrs. Garbi turns away from the white board.
I can feel her cold, beady eyes staring into my back. As I face her, I hang my head low. This isn’t the first time I had misbehaved and it probably won’t be the last.
‘Melissa, Melissa, Melissa. ‘I guess you’ll be seeing me after school then.’ Mrs. Garbi shakes her head
I nod silently. Why can’t I ever get anything right?

B.T.N. Coonalpyn Silo Art.

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Coonalpyn is a town between Adelaide and Melbourne, so many people drive through, but not many stop. Last year their government began a project called ‘Creating Coonalpyn’ to try and make the town more interesting through art. They asked an Australian artist, Guido, who does murals all over the world, to try to create a mural on some old grain silos. He decided to make the mural of school kids because, ‘I think they represent an image of the future that I think’s quite positive and playful and that’s also very neutral.’ I wonder how he got the idea of creating the mural of school kids. To create the art he started with creating smaller sketches of the kids he drew. Then he made reference points on the silo to compare to the smaller sketch. Finally, he used a forklift and spray paint to complete the mural. I wonder how long it would take to make it. I wonder if the mural did attract more visitors. I understand why the government asked Guido to make the mural and why he chose to make it of school kids. 

100 word challenge #7

As I turned the page I felt the cold wind blowing my hair around. I could smell the salty, fishy aroma of the sea as it splashed at my feet. I could hear the rumbling of the thunderstorm, and the crashing thunder. I could see the ship’s crew trying to steer the ship back on course. I could see the tall, wooden masts, rocking in the wind. Suddenly, I jolted back to reality as the car pulled up in front of the house. I sighed, closed my book, and stepped outside.


100 word challenge #6

My footsteps echoed in the silence of the night. The candle I held in my hand was burning fast. I knew I didn’t have much time. I felt a gush of cold air hit me as I stepped outside into the darkness, with only my candle and the moon to guide me. I looked around me at the trees swaying in the wind. I saw the wall in the distance lit up with the promises of laughter and happiness. I sighed. My time had come. I must pass over to the other side. I took a long breath in and walked forward.




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Red = Facts
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 Anh Do is a comedian and author who was born in Vietnam and fled to Australia with his family when he was 2. They spent 5 days at sea and had 2 pirate attacks along the way. They were rescued by a German ship who threw Anh Do’s father a axe since he could only rescue them if their boat was sinking. They were rescued and continued on their journey to Australia. When they arrived they were greeted by 2 nuns who gave them a bag of clothes. The translation got mixed up and they were given little boy’s clothes and little girls clothes. Their mum was too polite to complain so she dressed Anh Do’s little brother ( Khoa Do ) as a girl. I wonder how hard and scary it would have been to be on that boat and have encountered 2 pirate attacks. I wonder how they were treated by other people when they arrived in Australia. I understand that their situation would have been hard, especially since they wouldn’t have spoken much English. I wonder how their experience would have been different to other immigrants and refugees. 

Anh Do later wrote a book called ‘The happiest refugee’ and a picture book called ‘The Little refugee’ describing his experiences as a refugee. His brother Khoa Do won the ‘Young Australian of the year’ award in 2005. 




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