100 word challenge #19

Goal: My goal for this 100 word challenge is to write in third person since I normally write with first person I would also like to include dialog since I don’t normally include it.

Sarah gazed in wonder at the horses galloping across the green grass, their manes flying behind them in the wind. She turned to her mother in awe.
“Mummy?” she looked up at her mother.
“Yes Sarah?” her mother looked down at her exasperated.
“Look at the horses mummy!” exclaimed Sarah, pointing her finger excitedly.
“Do you want to have a go?” Her mother asked.
“No! Mummy look! They’ve escaped!” Sarah cried.
Her mother let out a soft laugh, “You have such a huge imagination.”
And before Sarah could say another word her mother whisked her away to the ferris wheel.

100 word challenge #18

Prompt: Lime, Overboard, Excitedly, Clock, Rat

I look at the rat scrambling between the barrels. I never thought I would say it, but right now, I really envy that rat. At least for it, it could escape. It’s fate wasn’t decided on by someone else. I look overboard at waves crashing against the side of the ship and my face turns a shade of lime green. I gulp. I walk back below the deck to my ‘room’. At least they were giving me some freedom. Some. I look at my surroundings. All stolen. Grandfather clocks, Globes, Chests. Suddenly something catches my eye. I walk over to it excitedly before a man with yellow teeth and greasy hair approaches me.
‘Come on.’ He snarls and yanks on my arm. I feel weak in the knees as I go onto the deck. I take one last look at the world around me and close my eyes.

100 word challenge #16

Prompt: …but then the weather changed dramatically…

Summer was always my least favourite time of the year. In Autumn, the leaves on the trees look beautiful. In Spring, all the baby animals are born, and everything is green. In winter, you have hot chocolate, and it snows, which is really nice for the first few days. In Summer though, you are always hot. Everything is really humid and it rains heaps. But summer this year was different. It started off completely normally, but then the weather changed dramatically. It was windy and dry. There was no rain. Not a single drop. The Town Council told us we had to ‘conserve water’. This summer was the worst summer so far.


100 word challenge #15

Prompt: …the water just kept gushing out…

I stared down at my thigh. The skin was turning purple from yesterday. I felt a tear roll down my cheek as I remembered everything that happened. I looked away. The memories stung, as if they were poison to my mind. I guess in way, they were. The water just kept gushing out of my eyes. I could taste blood in my mouth, like it was only a few minutes ago. I rocked back and forth, softly sobbing to myself. Eventually, I took a sharp breath in, and stood up. If I was ever going to get over it, this wasn’t how. I walked over to the grey door, took a deep breath in and opened it.

B.T.N. Weedy Sea Dragon

Link to the Video: Click Here
Blue = Facts
Red = Understandings
Green = Questions

The Weedy Sea Dragon.
Weedy Sea Dragons are native Australian Sea Dragons that live in the South and East Coast.  They often just drift around in the ocean, blending in with the kelp. Unfortunately, the Weedy Sea Dragon is currently classified as ‘Near Threatened’ but they might be becoming extinct. To work out how many are left, marine biologists are asking ‘Citizen Scientist Divers’ to take photos of each dragon they spot and send the photos in.  The researchers then use a facial recognition software to identify each dragon’s unique patterns. Each time they identify a new dragon they give it a name to help keep track of it. I wonder how long it will take them to find each Sea Dragon. Scientists think that a big part of the problem is climate change. They say that rising sea temperatures are killing the kelp, which is where the dragons live, leaving them homeless. I wonder what people are doing to stop climate change. I understand that climate change is a big problem and affects animals such as the Weedy Sea Dragon, and leaves them endangered or extinct. 

100 word challenge #14

Prompt: …in the lightning I saw…
The wind whistled in the dark night as my footsteps echoed on the blue stone pavement. The rain was pouring down, drenching the dirty, polluted landscape. I wiped my soaking hair out of my face and stepped forward, looking for a shelter from the storm. In the flash of lighting I saw a shadow race across the streets. I chased after it, determined to catch it and unveil it. The sound of cars honking and people shouting filled my ears. I sprinted onto the road. I heard a car’s tyres screech. My world turned black…

B.T.N Tasmanian Devils

Blue = Facts
Green = Questions
Red = Understandings

Tasmanian Devils died out in Mainland Australia around 400 years ago, but they still are around in the wild in Tasmania. Early European settlers hunted them, because they would eat their chickens, but now they are protected by the law. But since the mid-nineties they have had other problems. There is a disease called the Devil Facial Tumour Disease, and it is a contagious type of cancer, that effects the Tasmanian Devil. Scientists haven’t worked out what causes it yet, but it spreads when they bite and scratch each other. The tumours prevent them from eating by building up around their mouth, and they eventually starve to death. One of the solutions is breeding more Tasmanian Devil babies, so they don’t all die out. I wonder if they will be able to find a way to stop the tumor from spreading. I understand why the Tasmanian Devils are dying out and how zookeepers are trying to protect them. I wonder how long the program has been going on for.

The link to the video: Click Here

100 word challenge #13

My mouth watered as I stared at the hamburger. My stomach rumbled and I extended my arm to grab it. Suddenly there was a flash of green and the burger was snatched out of my hand. I looked around, trying to find the thief. There was no-one there apart from me. In the distance I saw another flash of green. I decided to go after it. As I came closer the light disappeared. Now all that was left was two paper hands holding the burger. I turned to leave. Something pulled me, and I collapsed into darkness.

Excursion to the Aquarium.

Today the 5/6’s went to the Melbourne Sea Life Aquarium. We went to learn more about our topic, adaptations of plants and animals, in the sea. Some of the animals we learnt about include; a lungfish, a salt-water crocodile and a cuttlefish. A lungfish has adapted so they can survive in a draught. As well as having gills like other fish, they have lungs so they can breathe air as well as water. The salt-water crocodile stays still, waiting for it’s prey to come to it. They can hold their breath for 2 hours so they can hide in the water. They also can survive without eating for 12 months, so if they fail to catch food they can just wait until they can catch some, without starving. All of these features help them catch food. The cuttlefish can camouflage by changing colour and features. This helps them protect themselves from predators. We also saw; penguins, frogs, sharks, stingrays, fish, sea dragons, sea stars and lizards. Lots of the animals could camouflage or had adapted in some way to help them survive. After seeing all the animals and how they have adapted to hide from predators or catch prey, I wonder if the sea animals have adapted to the weather/temperature.
Some of the photos:
The Link to the aquarium                     Website: Melbourne aquarium

My Graph

% of worlds wealth held in 2005
Richest 10% 58.2
2nd Richest 10% 16.8
3rd Richest 10% 10.5
4th Richest 10% 6.5
5th Richest 10% 4.4
6th Richest 10% 2.5
7th Richest 10% 0.9
8th Richest 10% 0.2
9th Richest 10% 0.1
Poorest 10% 0


% of the worlds wealth held in 2005

I chose this graph because it is a pie graph which is useful for percentages. I also chose it because, since some of the numbers are really small the extra graph to the side shows them clearly.



1 2 3 4 11