Last Wednesday David came into our room to teach us about the mathematician’s toolbox. This is what he taught us:

The mathematician’s toolbox is a group of resourceful strategies used for solving problems. There are 12 strategies. The strategies are:

Act it out

Find an exception to the rule

Work backwards

Make a model

Make a table or list

Break problem into manageable parts

Guess, check and improve

Look for and describe with a pattern or rule

Write a sum or a number sentence

Test all possibilities

Have I seen a similar problem?

Draw a diagram or graph


In the lesson we were focused on the strategy – draw a diagram or graph. Draw a diagram or graph helps when you’re stuck on a problem and need to put your ideas down on a piece of paper. Instead of scribbling your ideas down in a way no one –not even yourself-can understand diagrams and graphs help you put your ideas down in a way every-one understands.


For example:

Instead of:



Name: Smith Jones Hunter
People: 6 5 11




I like a lot of books and wanted to tell the world about them.






Clink! I heard the sound of my key dropping. As I turned to grab it the wind sweeping down the hill picked it up taking it on its long journey to the south side coast. I started to chase after it “Wait up Wait up” I called but the wind not listening turned its back and kept swirling down the hillside sweeping further and further into the dirty streets of London. I started to weep, “How am I ever going to get home now?” I thought to myself. This did not help and I kept on weeping.


“Monea, Monea! Wake up!” cried a familiar voice. I looked around.  “Papa!”  I cried, “where were you? I lost my keys and have been looking for you for ages! How did you find me?” “Hush now Monea” said Papa soothingly. “It was only a dream.” “Really?” I asked “Really.” Replied Papa. “Are you sure? Last time you weren’t! I worried “Well this time I am.” Stated Papa Knowingly. “Ok then” I stammered. “Well if you’re so sure it was a dream I guess I should explain myself.” “Why yes you should. But let’s go out-side it’s a bit stuffy in here. How about we go out for dinner and talk about it there hey?” “Ok, but remember BRING YOUR KEYS!”


 “Of course dear.” He walked out with me trailing behind and shut the door after me.


When we finally arrived we ordered then talked it over at the table. “Well in my ‘dream’ as you called it I dropped my keys and then…” I recalled every single detail. “Hmmm.” “Well we have talked about it so I guess we better be going I guess.” “Yes.”


By the time we got back home it was dark. Papa fiddled around in his pockets for the keys. He groaned. “Don’t tell me you forgot them!” I cried in horror! “Yes Monea I did.” Replied Papa guiltily. “Well I guess we must sleep out here then.” I sighed.


The next morning we checked again (well Papa checked again) “NOPE no keys.” He moaned.  The next morning I decided that today I’d check. So that’s exactly what I did. And they were there in his back pocket the whole time! When he got up I showed him. He was so glad! We opened the door and let ourselves inside. “So my dream was true.” I teased Papa “I guess it was.” He joked alongside me.

The Storm!

By Juliet Golden.



Raging like lions

Angry from losing their prey

Safe inside we watch




Loud  Fast

Thrilling Terrifing Crashing

Ferocious  Windy  Peaceful  Quiet

Relaxing  Comforting Resting

Motionless       Still


My Machine Poem!

My machine poem.

By Juliet2014.

Ding Dang Dong,

We pick up the ball with the tongs,

Rolling Moving Grooving,

 As it rolls down the inclined plane,

Slam Crash Boom,

Down into the car,

As we wheel it over to the pulley everyone cheers hip, hip, hurray! As we tip the car into the pulley.

Everyone holds their breath.

Waiting for the moment.

And everyone’s cheering HURRAY, HURRAY, HURRAY

Yay! It fell into the pulley


It falls into the screw

Swoosh, Swoosh,Swoosh

Slides down the screw down down to the floor SLAM it fell to the floor

It all worked smoothly!

My machine poem.


The tennis ball moving machine

Easy Blog Photo

this is me and my team with our machine.

In the last couple weeks of term three all the year threes an fours had to build a machine using what we had learnt through the rest of the term. We got into groups of three and followed instructions to build our machine.We also had to name our machine. Mine was called the tennis ball moving machine. My group was Adriana, Leo and of course me. As well as building the machine and naming the machine we also had to write an explanation about how the machine works,instructions on how to make the machine and lastly write a poem about the machine (see My Machine Poem by Juliet2014.)


The great race!

On friday the 12th of september 2014 all the year threes and fours did the great race in the SPC with the balloon/elastic band powered cars we had been working on for the last week or two . My car worked well at home but at the race it only went 66cm! I wish it went further! After the race my car broke so I couldn’t race it again!

here is a quick snap shot of my car!

here is a quick snap shot of my car!


The Wheel and the Axle!


The wheel and axle is based around the 2nd simplest simple machine, the Lever.  The main difference between the lever and wheel and axle is that where the fulcrum was on the lever the axle is for the wheel. The other important difference is that with the wheel you have a cylinder on the end. That is all a wheel is a cylinder on the end of a lever. Now we know the simple stuff about the wheel let’s get into the deeper information. 

How it works.

To be a wheel it has to be able to turn on 360o. But not all of it should turn. Only the wheel bit turns not the axle. The axle is stuck to the bottom of the vehicle. The wheel turns because it is attached to the axle not the vehicle. As the vehicle moves forward with the axle the wheel rotates it making it go further.

How it is made.

A wheel is made by getting a plank of wood (inclined plane) grabbing a cylinder making a hole in the cylinder (not all the way through) then placing the inclined plane into the hole. Next you put the end of the axle that is not in the wheel and stick to the bottom of the vehicle.

  Why it is useful

A wheel is very useful because instead of having to push the vehicle the whole way you can just give it a small push to start and then it moves itself for the rest of the way.


You may see wheels on…

Cars, bikes, trucks, trams, buses and on heaps more.


Thanks for reading my explanation and hopefully now you know everything you need to know about wheels. That they need to be able to turn on 360o and that they are actually a type of lever.

Hello World!!!!!

Hi eveyone, my name is Juliet. I have 2 sisters, a mum and a dad.

I LOVE going to school.My favourite subject is Literacy. In Literacy I especially like reading but I still like writing. I have 4 pets. 1 dog called Marley and 3 chickens named Rosie, Ginny and Charlotte. At home I like to knit and do arts and crafts. I also like playing on the monkey bars doing waterfalls, half waterfalls and all alike. My favourite holiday I’ve been on was the road trip to Queensland in 2013. It was awesome! We went to sea world and saw the dolphin show.cute!

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