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100 word challenge #30

Prompt: …as the door slammed, I knew…
The harsh wind blew through my hair as I turned away, holding back my tears. The scene played over and over in my mind, the shouting, the screaming and then the silence. The horrible, cruel words that were exchanged, people lashing out at one another like tigers, pouncing upon their prey. I didn’t know what any of it meant, I was too young. But as the door slammed, I knew. I didn’t know exactly what had happened, but I did know that everything had changed. I knew that the wounds made were too deep to recover from. I knew that from this moment on, my life would be different. I would never forget that moment. Ever.

100 word challenge #29


The cool, clear water, surrounded by the tall maple trees, covered in masses of reds, browns and yellows, painted a beautiful picture in anyone’s mind when they were told of Lake Monumio, beside Mount. Monumio. But anyone who goes to visit it, has a very different opinion on the country-side town. The cool, clear water is now polluted, people had thrown their rubbish, and anything they didn’t want in. The tall maple trees that were once covered in masses of reds, browns and yellows, had been cut down too make more houses, for more people to live in, more people to ruin the nature that once covered the landscape.

100 word challenge #28

Prompt: Describe your most treasured item without actually giving away what it is.
I look at the black cord lying on my bed. My hand runs over the cool, dented metal as I slip it into my pocket. I feel the jagged edge digging into my skin. It doesn’t hurt though. It’s more like a gentle reminder that it’s there. Like it’s begging me not to let it be forgotten as it’s duplicate was. I couldn’t help the fact that the other was forgotten though. It wasn’t in my control. It just shows that no matter how close two things or people are, they can still drift apart.
(This isn’t my most treasured item, I couldn’t think of mine so I did it about what someone’s could be.)






100 word challenge #27

Prompt: …so, what lies ahead of…
I felt as if I was about to collapse as I raised my head towards the distance. I didn’t know where I was going, but I had to go there. Thoughts were racing through my head as I passed the creek. What lies ahead of these trees? Should I be scared? Why am I not scared? What should I do when I arrive? Will I arrive? As I neared the forest I started to slow down. Nearly there, I’m nearly there, only a few more minutes, nearly there. When I reached the trees I came to a halt. I looked back at the hill I had come from, and wondered why I had wanted to leave so badly. I couldn’t. It was my home.

Video Reflection: Let the electricity flow.

Link to the video: splash-A.B.C

Blue = Facts
Green = Understanding
Red = Questions

Around 300 years ago, a man named Stephen Gray created a machine.The machine was made of a wooden frame with two swings made of silk rope, and wooden planks. What it did was, when someone lay down across the swings and turned another machine, an energy generator, if gold leaf, or feathers were placed under them, and they reached their hand out, the gold leaf, or the feathers would fly around. It would look something like this…

I wonder how Stephen Gray thought of this idea. I also wonder how he made the energy generator machine. I now understand more about insulators and conductors and how they were discovered.

100 word challenge #26


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The myths. The legends. The stories. The whispers. The talking behind backs. The differences. The disputes. The arguments. Everything. All because of the footprints. The two footprints. The two footprints that meant so much. That changed everything. The town went from kind and welcoming to cold and harsh in the blink of an eye. All because of the footprints. Those two footprints. Why did they mean so much? Because they were different. Not like everyone else’s . They were ‘too big’, ‘abnormal’ and ‘whoever’s footprints they may be, must be exiled’. Because they are different.

100 word challenge #25

Prompt: …then suddenly it went dark…
The icy wind blew in my face. My wish had come true. I had wanted to be alone. And I was. Completely alone, isolated from the rest of the world. But I was fine with that. I didn’t like being with people all the time. I didn’t like the craziness of everybody. I was happy the way everything now was. But then suddenly it went dark. The whole world seemed to collapse. And instead of being happy to be alone, I was scared. Sad. And now, looking back on it, I wish I had had some one to help me. Someone to stop me making the bad decisions I made. Someone to be my friend.

100 word challenge #24

Prompt: As it came rushing towards us we…
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I miss my old life. I miss the freedom of not having things to do every second of the day. I miss it a lot. Then everything changed and it would never go back to the way it used to be, not until I am retired. Even then though, I won’t really be free. Not really. When I was younger, I took it all for granted. The not having school, homework, practice and every other thing I have to do now. All of us did. We were so excited for school. Finally we would be a big kid! As it came rushing towards us, we greeted it with open arms, not realising what it would mean. I really do miss my old life.

100 word challenge #23


I feel the corners of my mouth turn upwards. Laughter fills my body, making me glow with warmth. I haven’t felt this way in a long time. Not since that one day. That one day, many years ago, that still haunts me. I can never forget it. I thought I would never feel joy again. I thought I would never laugh again. Up until this moment I was right. But now I feel the joy come back to me. I feel the laughter take over my body again. And now, in this moment, I feel as if everything were the same again. I feel…happy.

Reading Reflection: Charles – 5 Facts of Fiction (Week 4)

Fact #1: Fiction is all about a character.
The more you know about your character the more you care about them. The author chooses them to be this way for a reason. What are those reasons?
– If the author wrote about Laurie/Charles as a good character who always obeyed the rules, it wouldn’t be as interesting.
Who is the main character?
– Laurie/ Charles, the story is about Laurie pretending to be Charles.
What does he or she look like?
– Laurie wears blue jeans, a belt and a cap, and ‘Charles’ doesn’t wear a jacket.
Can you describe your character’s personality?
– Laurie/ Charles is a trouble maker, he is quite mischievous.
How does this character get to be this way?
– Laurie probably didn’t know how to behave properly since he had never been to school, then continued with the same attitude because of all the attention he was getting

Fact #2: Fiction is all about what your character wants. 
What does your character want more than anything else?
– I personally think that Laurie wants to act older and more mature. I also think he might want attention.
Why does your character want it?
– Because now that he is at school he wants to fit in by acting older.
Some characters want a lot, some want a little. It doesn’t really matter so long as what your character wants is extremely important. The more important it is, the more your character will do to get it, and that’s what makes the plot so interesting.

Fact #3: Fiction is all about how your character gets or does not get what he or she wants.
Is your character successful?
– If Laurie wanted to get attention then he was successful, since he got a lot of attention, but it wasn’t good attention.
– If Laurie wanted to act older, he was partially successful, since he acts older, but not in a good way, he acts ruder and meaner.
Or does your character’s quest end in failure?
– If Laurie wanted to act older or get attention, he was mainly successful, just not in a good way.
Does what they want change?
– If Laurie wanted attention or to seem older, his objective doesn’t change much, although in the middle of the story it mentions how ‘Charles’ (Laurie) is good for a while, but then he turns bad again.
Either way it can still be a great story. How does your character succeed or fail?
– They get what they want, but they don’t necessarily get it in a good way, if they wanted attention, sure, they got attention, but it was bad attention, not good attention.
What obstacles does your character encounter? What solutions does your character craft to meet the challenges of his or her world?

Fact #4: Fiction is all about how your character changes.
How does your character change as a result of what happens?
– Laurie starts acting better around the middle of the story, possibly because of all the negative attention he is getting, but then he starts acting bad again.
What was your character like at the beginning?
– At the very beginning, Laurie was a young, sweet toddler, who then turned ‘bad’.
What is your character like at the end?
– Pretty much the same as the start (not very well behaved.).
What has your character learnt?
– Laurie learnt that not all attention is good, then he started acting better, but after that he was bad again, which confused me.
What did you learn from reading the story?
– I didn’t really learn anything

Fact #5: Fiction is all about a world an author creates.
This makes the story believable… How did the author create the world of this story?
– This world is very similar to our present world, but I think it was set a while ago, because of the punishments, clothing and teaching material.
What kinds of people, places, things and ideas did the author include?
– I think that the author tried to use realistic people and places to make the story more believable.
What successes, disasters and conflicts does this world have?
– I think that we didn’t learn enough about the world they were living in to answer this question.
What are the good things in this world? What are the bad things? How does the setting help the author explore their theme? Complete the following sentence: “This is a world where…”
– This is a world where everything is the same as normal, the world isn’t any different to ours.

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