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Safer Internet Day Webinar Reflection:

Today we did a Webinar with the rest of Victoria for Safer Internet Day. It talked about how to be safe online and making sure you keep your information private. It followed a story about a competition where you had to post a video of yourself online. It showed how you can get lots of hate online and that can be hurtful. It said that a useful way to keep your information to yourself is to set all your accounts to private. If someone tries to bully you, you could block them or report them to the site you are on. You should also tell a teacher or a trusted adult like a parent, aunt, uncle, neighbour, coach, friend’s parents etc. Another thing it mentioned was people who you don’t know trying to contact you online. Our goal number one was to be safer online by not giving out details. Our goal number two was to talk to an adult about what we are doing online. The session was helpful and had lots of useful information.