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Future Goal Progress Reflections.

My first goal for the future would be to be more confident with public speaking because I know that next term we will be doing debates and I will need to be more confident. How I will achieve this is by practising in front of small crowds e.g. my family.

I feel like I am getting better at this and am much more confident speaking in front of an audience. I do believe I could work on this more though. To help me with my confidence I did practise in front of smaller groups of people at girl guides in my new unit. I was quite shy because I was working with people much older than me and I had to present but it really helped me be more confident when doing my debates and my school captain speech. I worked hard on this goal and I achieved it but there is still heaps of room for improvement.

My next goal would be to expand my vocabulary. I often struggle to think of more interesting words when I am writing.

I only half completed this goal. I learnt heaps of new words like; Affectation, meaning doing something just to show off, Pyroclastic, which is a type of volcano flow, Debris, meaning little bits of rock and rubble, and many more. I learnt lots of new words but I struggled to find somewhere to put them in my writing. Lots of the words are tier 3 and only relate to a certain subject so they are much harder to include in my writing. Other words I just don’t quite understand enough to put in my writing or I just forget even knowing them.

My last goal would be to be more organized with my homework and time management skills. I often leave stuff to the last minute.

I still need to work on this goal heaps even though I have been trying really hard. Often I will forget to do it until the day before it is due. I have improved heaps with this though. For my cyclone project and my debates I spent heaps of time working on them and I was finished way before the night before it was due.


Over all I have completed around 2 of them because none of them are completely done but all of them are improving heaps.