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B.T.N. Weedy Sea Dragon

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The Weedy Sea Dragon.
Weedy Sea Dragons are native Australian Sea Dragons that live in the South and East Coast.  They often just drift around in the ocean, blending in with the kelp. Unfortunately, the Weedy Sea Dragon is currently classified as ‘Near Threatened’ but they might be becoming extinct. To work out how many are left, marine biologists are asking ‘Citizen Scientist Divers’ to take photos of each dragon they spot and send the photos in.  The researchers then use a facial recognition software to identify each dragon’s unique patterns. Each time they identify a new dragon they give it a name to help keep track of it. I wonder how long it will take them to find each Sea Dragon. Scientists think that a big part of the problem is climate change. They say that rising sea temperatures are killing the kelp, which is where the dragons live, leaving them homeless. I wonder what people are doing to stop climate change. I understand that climate change is a big problem and affects animals such as the Weedy Sea Dragon, and leaves them endangered or extinct. 

B.T.N. Skinny Model Laws

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This B.T.N article was about models being pressured to loose weight, which can be unhealthy. Experts say that images of unhealthily skinny people allover magazines and the media, can effect young people to think that looking this way is fine and normal. But lots of the time the images aren’t even real, they’ve been digitally altered using photoshop. Italy, Israel and Spain, have already introduced laws preventing models from working if they’re unhealthily skinny, and now France has stepped in too. Since France is known as being one of the ‘fashion capitals’ it is a big deal. The new law says that companies can only hire models if they have a doctors certificate saying they are healthy. If a company breaks this law then they could be fined up to $100 000 and their staff could spend up to 6 months in jail. The law also says that is a company alters the photo, they need to say so, by having ‘retouched photograph’ printed on it. If this law is broken, advertisers could be fines up to $55 000. I now understand what the laws enforce and why it’s important. I wonder when Australia will create the same or a similar law. I wonder why companies had to be forced to not make their models look unrealistic and why they couldn’t just make them normal in the first place. 

B.T.N. North Korea Threats

Recently, North Korea has been threatening some countries like the US, Japan and Australia to a nuclear war, and has been testing wepons the UN says it can’t make. But for around 40 years North Korea has been threatening other countries with war statements like this. North Korea also isn’t as powerful as it says. It is estimated that they have 10 nuclear weapons, while countries like the US or Russia, have approximately 7000 each. I wonder why North Korea is threating to start a nuclear war if they don’t have many weapons. I also wonder why North Korea is trying to      start a war in the first place. I now understand that Australians shouldn’t be too worried about North Korea’s threats.


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 Anh Do is a comedian and author who was born in Vietnam and fled to Australia with his family when he was 2. They spent 5 days at sea and had 2 pirate attacks along the way. They were rescued by a German ship who threw Anh Do’s father a axe since he could only rescue them if their boat was sinking. They were rescued and continued on their journey to Australia. When they arrived they were greeted by 2 nuns who gave them a bag of clothes. The translation got mixed up and they were given little boy’s clothes and little girls clothes. Their mum was too polite to complain so she dressed Anh Do’s little brother ( Khoa Do ) as a girl. I wonder how hard and scary it would have been to be on that boat and have encountered 2 pirate attacks. I wonder how they were treated by other people when they arrived in Australia. I understand that their situation would have been hard, especially since they wouldn’t have spoken much English. I wonder how their experience would have been different to other immigrants and refugees. 

Anh Do later wrote a book called ‘The happiest refugee’ and a picture book called ‘The Little refugee’ describing his experiences as a refugee. His brother Khoa Do won the ‘Young Australian of the year’ award in 2005. 




Video Reflection: Federation Explained.

The link to the video: federation-explained

Australia could have been very different if people made different choices. For example if Abel Tasman decided to stay in Tasmania, when he first discovered it in 1642, we could all be speaking Dutch. One decision that made a huge impact on Australia today was federation.

In the 1850’s there were six colonies, New South Wales, Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Queensland.  The territories came later. Each colony had its own defence force, trade policies, and even train tracks, meaning you would have to get off and change trains to travel across the border. The colonies decided that if they joined together as one country, they would be able to defend themselves better against other countries. Some of the bigger and richer colonies like New South Wales and Victoria worried about the fact that they might have to share money with they smaller, poorer colonies like Tasmania and Western Australia. The smaller colonies were worried that the bigger colonies would have too much power. To make it more fair they decided that each colony would have the same amount of senators. Federation was in 1901.

It wasn’t equal for everyone though. Up until 1902, women weren’t allowed to vote. The aboriginals weren’t allowed to vote until 1962, and they weren’t even counted as a part of Australia’s population until 1971.

I wonder why they created the territories if they already had the six states / colonies. I wonder what it would have been like if we didn’t have federation. I understand that if Australia hadn’t federated and become one country, life would be very different.

B.T.N: Darwin Bombing Anniversary

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On the 19th of February 1942 disaster struck in Darwin, the Capital of the Northern Territory. Just before 10:00 am, the Japanese launched 188 fighter planes that headed for Darwin. They bombed many places including the harbour, military bases, the town, and sank many ships including a U.S destroyer. Soon after another attack was launched. Between both of the attacks over 235 people were killed and 400 more were injured. The Japanese were allies with Germany and Italy during World War II while Australia, France, the U.S and the U.K were also allies, but on the side of the war. I wonder if there were other, minor, countries in the war, or if these were the only countries involved. I now know how catastrophic the Darwin Bombing was and what a big impact it made on Darwin itself and it’s people. World War II ended in 1945 but I would like to learn why the war started in the first place, I don’t understand the reason behind the war; if one country claimed war on the other, and if so why? In summary, 75 years ago, on the 19th of February 1942, the Japanese launched multiple attacks on Darwin, killing and wounding hundreds of people. 

‘ SpaceX’s plan to colonize Mars, explained ‘ Reflection.

Elon Musk from SpaceX released his idea to colonize Mars to the world the other day and he explained how he would do so. The type of spaceship that would be used would be powered by 42 raptor engines, a new type of engine SpaceX has been working on. A booster would take the ship into space before separating and the booster coming back to earth preparing for the next launch, a propellant tank which then connects to the space ship. I wonder how, if the tank it boosted up into space how can they be sure that it will find the spaceship to connect with properly, do they use computers in the ship or on earth etc. If there is no air on Mars how are people expected to live or hasn’t that been thought about by the company yet? I now understand more about what SpaceX’s ships will do to get to space.

B.T.N: Space Rock


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A meteorite exploded over Russia on the same day an asteroid passed really close to earth. The force of the meteorite was 20 times bigger than the force of an atomic bomb. Has a meteor ever hit Australia? The asteroid was half the size of a football field. I now understand the difference between an asteroid, a comet and a meteorite, an asteroid is usually made of rock or metal and tens of thousands of them rest in the asteroid belt, a comet is made of ice and dust and when they go close to the sun they melt and the gas remains make a beautiful streak in the sky that we see from earth, a meteorite is a small bit of an asteroid. About one million enter the earths atmosphere each day. When the do that they are called meteors. Are meteorites that enter another planet’s atmosphere also called meteors?

The Ancient Study of Astronomy.

Many cultures have contributed to the study of astronomy, leading us to understand what we know now. Three of the main cultures were; Babylon, Maya and the Ancient Greeks and Ancient Romans.

Babylon is a city state near what is now known as Baghdad. A city state is a city that when grouped together with the neighbouring area or areas forms a state of its own. The reason the Babylonians were such good astronomers is because they had their own form of writing they used to record their findings. They also created a type of calendar they used to record important events. They worked on scientific discoveries. Babylon, however, was the birthplace for horoscopes meaning lots of their work wasn’t based on scientific research. I wonder what kind of important things they would record in their calendars.

The Maya were a group of Mesoamerican Indians. Mesoamerica was an area in the Americas that went from central Mexico, through Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua to Northern Costa Rica. Some Mesoamerican cultures include the Maya, the Aztecs, and the Olmec. The Mayas also created a calendar known as the Maya Long Count Calendar. Unfortunately we can’t know much about the Maya because the Spanish burnt their texts. One thing we do know is that the Maya calendars were base 20 while today we use base 10. I wonder why the Spanish burnt the texts of the Maya.

One very important person in Astronomy came from Ancient Egypt while it was under the Roman rule. This person was called Ptolemy. Ptolemy invented the Ptolemaic system. In this model the Earth was located at the centre of the universe and many people believed this and only recently have we proved this wrong. Lots of Ptolemy’s ideas and work came from the Ancient Greek mathematician Hipparchus. Hipparchus was also known as the father of trigonometry and is well known for his discovery of the precession of the equinoxes. Which is basically how the earth spins. I wonder how they figured all this out without the technology we have today.

I now understand how the people of the past contributed to what we know now about space and astronomy. I wonder what the world would be like if space had only been recently discovered. I wonder what we might find out about the universe in the future.

The reason I did such a huge thing is because I couldn’t fit all of it into one paragraph.

Behind the news: Cyclones.

Should places that have suffered from cyclones receive emergency payments?  I strongly agree with this statement.

Firstly it is not their fault a cyclone hit. They didn’t ask for a cyclone to come along and ruin their house and their town. People should give them money to help since it’s not their fault.

My next reason is that it might pay off. If you give them money now then they will give you money when you need it. If you don’t then two towns will be wrecked when none had to be.

So I hope you agree with me that people in cyclone prone areas should receive money every time they suffer from a cyclone.

Here is the link to the video, Behind the news: cyclones

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