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100 word challenge #27

Prompt: …so, what lies ahead of…
I felt as if I was about to collapse as I raised my head towards the distance. I didn’t know where I was going, but I had to go there. Thoughts were racing through my head as I passed the creek. What lies ahead of these trees? Should I be scared? Why am I not scared? What should I do when I arrive? Will I arrive? As I neared the forest I started to slow down. Nearly there, I’m nearly there, only a few more minutes, nearly there. When I reached the trees I came to a halt. I looked back at the hill I had come from, and wondered why I had wanted to leave so badly. I couldn’t. It was my home.

Video Reflection: Let the electricity flow.

Link to the video: splash-A.B.C

Blue = Facts
Green = Understanding
Red = Questions

Around 300 years ago, a man named Stephen Gray created a machine.The machine was made of a wooden frame with two swings made of silk rope, and wooden planks. What it did was, when someone lay down across the swings and turned another machine, an energy generator, if gold leaf, or feathers were placed under them, and they reached their hand out, the gold leaf, or the feathers would fly around. It would look something like this…

I wonder how Stephen Gray thought of this idea. I also wonder how he made the energy generator machine. I now understand more about insulators and conductors and how they were discovered.

100 word challenge #26


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The myths. The legends. The stories. The whispers. The talking behind backs. The differences. The disputes. The arguments. Everything. All because of the footprints. The two footprints. The two footprints that meant so much. That changed everything. The town went from kind and welcoming to cold and harsh in the blink of an eye. All because of the footprints. Those two footprints. Why did they mean so much? Because they were different. Not like everyone else’s . They were ‘too big’, ‘abnormal’ and ‘whoever’s footprints they may be, must be exiled’. Because they are different.

100 word challenge #25

Prompt: …then suddenly it went dark…
The icy wind blew in my face. My wish had come true. I had wanted to be alone. And I was. Completely alone, isolated from the rest of the world. But I was fine with that. I didn’t like being with people all the time. I didn’t like the craziness of everybody. I was happy the way everything now was. But then suddenly it went dark. The whole world seemed to collapse. And instead of being happy to be alone, I was scared. Sad. And now, looking back on it, I wish I had had some one to help me. Someone to stop me making the bad decisions I made. Someone to be my friend.