100 word challenge #21

Prompt: …but then the flash made me…

Shivering, I stepped onto the pavement outside my house. Mist blinded me, as I walked through the town. Every house was covered in ice, and inside each house people were laughing and singing. The sound of carols drifted through the streets. I sat down on a bench in the park in front of the fire. The flames crackled, warming my whole body. I turned away, but then the flash made me see someone. Someone familiar. I knew her…but I shouldn’t. She shouldn’t be here. It isn’t possible for her too be here. But…I saw her with my own eyes. Last time I saw her, I thought it would be the last. I knew it would be. She didn’t, but I did.

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  1. libby2016
    August 8, 2017 at 12:08 pm (10 months ago)

    Fantastic writing Juliet. I love the way you have used the idea of “show not tell” as you set the scene. Eerie but compelling reading. You leave me wondering what happened, needing to have more of the story to read. Well done.


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