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B.T.N. Weedy Sea Dragon

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The Weedy Sea Dragon.
Weedy Sea Dragons are native Australian Sea Dragons that live in the South and East Coast.  They often just drift around in the ocean, blending in with the kelp. Unfortunately, the Weedy Sea Dragon is currently classified as ‘Near Threatened’ but they might be becoming extinct. To work out how many are left, marine biologists are asking ‘Citizen Scientist Divers’ to take photos of each dragon they spot and send the photos in.  The researchers then use a facial recognition software to identify each dragon’s unique patterns. Each time they identify a new dragon they give it a name to help keep track of it. I wonder how long it will take them to find each Sea Dragon. Scientists think that a big part of the problem is climate change. They say that rising sea temperatures are killing the kelp, which is where the dragons live, leaving them homeless. I wonder what people are doing to stop climate change. I understand that climate change is a big problem and affects animals such as the Weedy Sea Dragon, and leaves them endangered or extinct. 

100 word challenge #14

Prompt: …in the lightning I saw…
The wind whistled in the dark night as my footsteps echoed on the blue stone pavement. The rain was pouring down, drenching the dirty, polluted landscape. I wiped my soaking hair out of my face and stepped forward, looking for a shelter from the storm. In the flash of lighting I saw a shadow race across the streets. I chased after it, determined to catch it and unveil it. The sound of cars honking and people shouting filled my ears. I sprinted onto the road. I heard a car’s tyres screech. My world turned black…