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B.T.N. Coonalpyn Silo Art.

The link to the video: B.T.N

Blue: Facts
Green: Questions
Red: Understandings

Coonalpyn is a town between Adelaide and Melbourne, so many people drive through, but not many stop. Last year their government began a project called ‘Creating Coonalpyn’ to try and make the town more interesting through art. They asked an Australian artist, Guido, who does murals all over the world, to try to create a mural on some old grain silos. He decided to make the mural of school kids because, ‘I think they represent an image of the future that I think’s quite positive and playful and that’s also very neutral.’ I wonder how he got the idea of creating the mural of school kids. To create the art he started with creating smaller sketches of the kids he drew. Then he made reference points on the silo to compare to the smaller sketch. Finally, he used a forklift and spray paint to complete the mural. I wonder how long it would take to make it. I wonder if the mural did attract more visitors. I understand why the government asked Guido to make the mural and why he chose to make it of school kids. 

100 word challenge #7

As I turned the page I felt the cold wind blowing my hair around. I could smell the salty, fishy aroma of the sea as it splashed at my feet. I could hear the rumbling of the thunderstorm, and the crashing thunder. I could see the ship’s crew trying to steer the ship back on course. I could see the tall, wooden masts, rocking in the wind. Suddenly, I jolted back to reality as the car pulled up in front of the house. I sighed, closed my book, and stepped outside.


100 word challenge #6

My footsteps echoed in the silence of the night. The candle I held in my hand was burning fast. I knew I didn’t have much time. I felt a gush of cold air hit me as I stepped outside into the darkness, with only my candle and the moon to guide me. I looked around me at the trees swaying in the wind. I saw the wall in the distance lit up with the promises of laughter and happiness. I sighed. My time had come. I must pass over to the other side. I took a long breath in and walked forward.