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SRC Application

SRC Application:

I think I would make a great SRC Representative for 5/6A in 2017. Firstly I am organized and punctual, secondly I have good communication skills.

To be a SRC Representative you have to be organized and punctual. I am extremely organized and punctual. I arrive at school on time every day as well as arriving on time at all my other activities. I am very organized. One example of this is my homework. I don’t leave my homework at the last minute, instead I am organized and have a schedule of when I do what homework and when. You have to be punctual to be in the SRC because you have to be at all the meetings otherwise you won’t be contributing as much to the school. You have to be organized because you need to be able to know what to say to the rest of the SRC during meetings and to the class about the meetings. You also need to be able to organize everyone’s ideas.

SRC Representatives also have to have good communication skills.  I have a lot of experience communicating with people. An example of my communications skills is Girl Guides. I have been the Patrol Leader, the leader of a small group known as a Patrol, for 3 years in a row. To be the Patrol Leader you need good leadership skills because it is the Patrol Leader’s job to explain activities etc. to younger guides. If the Patrol Leader had poor communication skills no one would know what to do and it would be a mess. They also have to listen to everyone’s ideas which is also a big part of communication. This would help me be SRC because the SRC Representatives need to be able to listen to everyone’s ideas to share at the meetings. They also have to be able to tell the rest of the SRC the ideas otherwise some really good ideas could be ignored because the SRC didn’t share them.

In conclusion I think I would make a great SRC representative of 5/6A because I am organized and punctual and I have good communication skills.


100 word challenge: A moment at camp


The wind gushed through my hair as the water sprayed my face. Laughter and shrieks filled my ears as we sped past the rocks. Dark shapes passed through the crystal clear water and I knew we were entering the seal colony. I took my eyes off the water and looked up. A carpet of dark figures was covering the rocks and some of the seals were playing in the ocean. Everyone in the boat gasped as a tiny baby seal came right up to us and popped its head out of the water. That was one moment I’ll never forget.

B.T.N: Darwin Bombing Anniversary

Link to the video: http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s4617038.htm  (copy into URL.)

Red: Recalls
Green: Insights
Blue: Questions

On the 19th of February 1942 disaster struck in Darwin, the Capital of the Northern Territory. Just before 10:00 am, the Japanese launched 188 fighter planes that headed for Darwin. They bombed many places including the harbour, military bases, the town, and sank many ships including a U.S destroyer. Soon after another attack was launched. Between both of the attacks over 235 people were killed and 400 more were injured. The Japanese were allies with Germany and Italy during World War II while Australia, France, the U.S and the U.K were also allies, but on the side of the war. I wonder if there were other, minor, countries in the war, or if these were the only countries involved. I now know how catastrophic the Darwin Bombing was and what a big impact it made on Darwin itself and it’s people. World War II ended in 1945 but I would like to learn why the war started in the first place, I don’t understand the reason behind the war; if one country claimed war on the other, and if so why? In summary, 75 years ago, on the 19th of February 1942, the Japanese launched multiple attacks on Darwin, killing and wounding hundreds of people. 

About me; Letter to Libby

As you know, my name is Juliet and I am 11 turning 12 in May. I love to read, write, cook, listen to music, and do all sorts of Art. I also like playing music. I play Piano and Violin. I have been playing Violin since Grade 3 and Piano since Grade 1. I recently completed my Grade 2 exam in Piano and got a B+ which I was extremely proud of. I am learning my new pieces for my Grade 3 exam already. I also enjoy playing tennis. This year will be my first year playing competition and I am really excited. I missed out on my first week but I am playing this week.

Another activity I do out of school is Girl Guides. Girl Guides is like Scouts but only for girls. We do loads of fun things like Camps, Cooking, and Public Events etc. A couple of weeks ago we marched in the Australia Day Parade. I also recently completed my application for Singapore; an international Guiding event where only 6 people for Australia get to go. They travel to Singapore for 1 week in September and do cool activities and learn about Guiding there.  I really hope I get in.  This term I have also started to help out the younger unit / Group called 1st Aberfeldie. I used to be a part of that unit until Term 4 2016 when I moved up to the older unit called Wildflowers.

I have 2 younger sisters called Heidi and Imogen. Heidi is in Grade 5 in Ant’s class and Imogen is in Grade 3 in David’s class. Heidi is 10 and loves dancing, singing, being a comedian and Taylor Swift. Imogen is 8 and loves bike riding, bush walking, tennis (like me) and all sports.

For Christmas we had mum’s side of the family come to our house, (Dad’s family is in America). We spent Christmas Eve at Mum’s friend’s house, which was really fun. We had a slip and slide set up so we did a lot of slashing around. There was also heaps of yummy treats like fruit cake, brandy snaps, a chocolate sleigh with chocolate reindeer, mince pies, and shortbread. We |We all got heaps of presents. I got new highlighters, bathers, a toiletries bag, a $50.00 iTunes voucher, a $30.00 Dotti voucher, fairy lights, a light-up J, Washi tape, wall stickers and heaps more. We had a slip and slide set up so we did a lot of slashing around.

On the holidays we went to our family friend’s beach-house in a town near Sale called Seaspray. We went there for New Year’s Eve. We had a massive fire where the kids played with sparklers while the adults talked. After we went for a walk on the beach to see the fireworks but after a couple of flashes in the sky they stopped. We did play a lot on the beach there unlike while we were camping because the ocean was much warmer. We went to the newly established Surf Lifesaving Restaurant. There was such a crowd, which was very unusual, that we had to wait more than an hour for our meals. It was still heaps of fun.

Another thing we did on the holidays was going camping. We went to a place in East Gippsland called Croajingolong. Our campsite was right next to the river, which was called the Thurra River, so we spent a lot of the time swimming. The river connected directly to the beach, but since the ocean was so cold compared to the river we didn’t spend much time there. While we were camping we also visited the Sand dunes. Dad got there through the river in his canoe but everyone else walked the 4 Km’s. The Sand dunes were HUGE. They were 30m above the river.  We spent a lot of time at the campfire and had heaps of fun.

We also got a new dog on the holidays! We used only have our labradoodle Marley, but mum’s friend’s mother-in-law’s husband had to go to a nursing home and she couldn’t look after their 3 year old Labrador, Toby, so we have a new dog! He is a golden colour and is VERY overweight. He wasn’t fed properly at his old home so he is on a strict diet now. Dad walks him with Marley at 6:00 AM each morning and he walks Toby while I walk Marley every evening at about 7:30 PM.

This year I am looking forward to being a grade 6 for lots of reasons. One of them is being able to be a leader of the school. Last year we were still leaders, but this year there are much more opportunities, like Green Team Captain, Costal Ambassador, School Captain, House Captain, Music Captain etc. Obviously lots of these have already been chosen, but there still some left. I am especially excited since I am going to be one of the Green Team Captains. I am also excited for Buddies. Even though Buddies isn’t new to me since I did it last year but I am still excited.



Safer Internet Day Webinar Reflection:

Today we did a Webinar with the rest of Victoria for Safer Internet Day. It talked about how to be safe online and making sure you keep your information private. It followed a story about a competition where you had to post a video of yourself online. It showed how you can get lots of hate online and that can be hurtful. It said that a useful way to keep your information to yourself is to set all your accounts to private. If someone tries to bully you, you could block them or report them to the site you are on. You should also tell a teacher or a trusted adult like a parent, aunt, uncle, neighbour, coach, friend’s parents etc. Another thing it mentioned was people who you don’t know trying to contact you online. Our goal number one was to be safer online by not giving out details. Our goal number two was to talk to an adult about what we are doing online. The session was helpful and had lots of useful information.