December 2016 archive

M.P.P.S Concert Recount.

The song ended and I knew it was our turn to go. The curtain lifted as the sound of the drums drowned the noise of people’s talking. I marched on to the stage perfectly in time. I looked ahead of me and saw the audience. Only then I realised how many people had come. A sense of nervousness washed over me. I had to go up, in front of all these people and perform. I try to tell myself there aren’t many people but who am I kidding.

After what felt like a million years it was my go. Palms sweating I walk up to the stage. Inhaling deeply, I perform my skit. As I walk back to position I let out a sigh of relief. The rest of the performance was all in a blur. We shuffle back as the curtain closes. I can hear the audience clapping as I walk back to the dressing rooms and I know we did well.