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‘ SpaceX’s plan to colonize Mars, explained ‘ Reflection.

Elon Musk from SpaceX released his idea to colonize Mars to the world the other day and he explained how he would do so. The type of spaceship that would be used would be powered by 42 raptor engines, a new type of engine SpaceX has been working on. A booster would take the ship into space before separating and the booster coming back to earth preparing for the next launch, a propellant tank which then connects to the space ship. I wonder how, if the tank it boosted up into space how can they be sure that it will find the spaceship to connect with properly, do they use computers in the ship or on earth etc. If there is no air on Mars how are people expected to live or hasn’t that been thought about by the company yet? I now understand more about what SpaceX’s ships will do to get to space.

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A meteorite exploded over Russia on the same day an asteroid passed really close to earth. The force of the meteorite was 20 times bigger than the force of an atomic bomb. Has a meteor ever hit Australia? The asteroid was half the size of a football field. I now understand the difference between an asteroid, a comet and a meteorite, an asteroid is usually made of rock or metal and tens of thousands of them rest in the asteroid belt, a comet is made of ice and dust and when they go close to the sun they melt and the gas remains make a beautiful streak in the sky that we see from earth, a meteorite is a small bit of an asteroid. About one million enter the earths atmosphere each day. When the do that they are called meteors. Are meteorites that enter another planet’s atmosphere also called meteors?