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The Ancient Study of Astronomy.

Many cultures have contributed to the study of astronomy, leading us to understand what we know now. Three of the main cultures were; Babylon, Maya and the Ancient Greeks and Ancient Romans.

Babylon is a city state near what is now known as Baghdad. A city state is a city that when grouped together with the neighbouring area or areas forms a state of its own. The reason the Babylonians were such good astronomers is because they had their own form of writing they used to record their findings. They also created a type of calendar they used to record important events. They worked on scientific discoveries. Babylon, however, was the birthplace for horoscopes meaning lots of their work wasn’t based on scientific research. I wonder what kind of important things they would record in their calendars.

The Maya were a group of Mesoamerican Indians. Mesoamerica was an area in the Americas that went from central Mexico, through Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua to Northern Costa Rica. Some Mesoamerican cultures include the Maya, the Aztecs, and the Olmec. The Mayas also created a calendar known as the Maya Long Count Calendar. Unfortunately we can’t know much about the Maya because the Spanish burnt their texts. One thing we do know is that the Maya calendars were base 20 while today we use base 10. I wonder why the Spanish burnt the texts of the Maya.

One very important person in Astronomy came from Ancient Egypt while it was under the Roman rule. This person was called Ptolemy. Ptolemy invented the Ptolemaic system. In this model the Earth was located at the centre of the universe and many people believed this and only recently have we proved this wrong. Lots of Ptolemy’s ideas and work came from the Ancient Greek mathematician Hipparchus. Hipparchus was also known as the father of trigonometry and is well known for his discovery of the precession of the equinoxes. Which is basically how the earth spins. I wonder how they figured all this out without the technology we have today.

I now understand how the people of the past contributed to what we know now about space and astronomy. I wonder what the world would be like if space had only been recently discovered. I wonder what we might find out about the universe in the future.

The reason I did such a huge thing is because I couldn’t fit all of it into one paragraph.

Future Goal Progress Reflections.

My first goal for the future would be to be more confident with public speaking because I know that next term we will be doing debates and I will need to be more confident. How I will achieve this is by practising in front of small crowds e.g. my family.

I feel like I am getting better at this and am much more confident speaking in front of an audience. I do believe I could work on this more though. To help me with my confidence I did practise in front of smaller groups of people at girl guides in my new unit. I was quite shy because I was working with people much older than me and I had to present but it really helped me be more confident when doing my debates and my school captain speech. I worked hard on this goal and I achieved it but there is still heaps of room for improvement.

My next goal would be to expand my vocabulary. I often struggle to think of more interesting words when I am writing.

I only half completed this goal. I learnt heaps of new words like; Affectation, meaning doing something just to show off, Pyroclastic, which is a type of volcano flow, Debris, meaning little bits of rock and rubble, and many more. I learnt lots of new words but I struggled to find somewhere to put them in my writing. Lots of the words are tier 3 and only relate to a certain subject so they are much harder to include in my writing. Other words I just don’t quite understand enough to put in my writing or I just forget even knowing them.

My last goal would be to be more organized with my homework and time management skills. I often leave stuff to the last minute.

I still need to work on this goal heaps even though I have been trying really hard. Often I will forget to do it until the day before it is due. I have improved heaps with this though. For my cyclone project and my debates I spent heaps of time working on them and I was finished way before the night before it was due.


Over all I have completed around 2 of them because none of them are completely done but all of them are improving heaps.