September 2016 archive

St. John’s First Aid Incursion.

On Wednesday the 14th of September we had an incursion from St. John’s First Aid teaching us about what to do is someone is unconscious. We learnt about the D.R.S.A.B.C.D. which stands for:

D anger: Look for any hazards.

R esponse: Check to see if they are conscious by checking for a response

S end for help: Contact triple zero.

A irways: Check to see if the airways are blocked

B reathing: Check if they are breathing. If they are then put them in the recovery postion.

C P.R.: If they are not breathing use C.P.R.

D efibrillation: We didn’t learn about this one.

We learnt how to do the recovery position

1- Put the far arm out to the side.

2- Put the closer arm on the opposite shoulder

3- Bend the closer leg so it is off the ground

4- Use the closer leg as a fulcrum to move the person on their side

5- Move the lever leg to a right angle

In C.P.R., I learnt that when you are doing it you position over the bottom half of the chest and push approximately 1/3 of the chest down. Every thirty pushes you do two breaths. I learnt that C.P.R. stands for, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.

I learnt heaps from this incursion and I hope I never will have to use it.