Canberra Camp Response 1

Old Parliament House.

In the middle of Canberra is an old building known as Old Parliament House. At our camp we were lucky enough to be able to visit this building and have a tour of it. There were two main parts; The Museum of Australian Democracy and the Electoral Education Centre. I really liked the Electoral Education Centre. The activities were really enjoyable.

One of the activities was where we got to do a role play of voting. The teachers nominated two ballot paper issuers, Tara and myself, and one counter of the votes, Declan. Everyone voted out of the four candidates, Banana, Peach, Orange or Apple. It was really interesting to see how the voting papers are issued, filled in and counted. I learnt heaps about the voting system.

It was really fun and informative. The old Parliament House was definitely one of the highlights of the 5/6 Canberra camp.

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