Behind The News: Volcanoes.

Should people be allowed to build their house near a volcano? I agree and disagree with this statement so I am going to write a discussion text on it.

Volcanoes can be beautiful but are very dangerous when they erupt. So should people be allowed to live there? Let’s see the reasons behind both sides of the argument.

Firstly the negative side. People should not be allowed to  build their houses near volcanoes. Safety is an important reason why people shouldn’t be allowed to build their houses near volcanoes. People would die whenever it erupts. Young children who didn’t even agree to live there would also die which is extremely unfair.

Another reason is that family and friends of victims of the volcano could blame the government for not protecting them when the government had nothing to do with it. The government could be charged which isn’t right.

On the other hand there are many reasons why people should be allowed to build near a volcano. Firstly it’s their choice. People should be allowed to decide where they live and if the volcano erupts then it’s their fault they built their house there.

Secondly people should be allowed to because it’s not like all volcanoes are going to erupt. Lots of volcanoes are extinct which means they are never going to errupt.

So which one do you think? They should or shouldn’t be allowed to build their houses near a volcano?

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