Behind the News: Earthquakes.

Out of the two earthquakes, the one in Chile and the one in Haiti, I believe that the one in Haiti was worse for the following reasons;

Firstly it killed 316 000 people while the Chile one only killed 525 people which is a big difference. If the earthquake ruins thousands of houses surely that isn’t as bad as an earthquake that kills thousands of people?! The houses and properties aren’t alive and don’t realise what is going on. People wouldn’t be as upset if their house is ruined than if their family died.

Also, the buildings in Chile were much stronger because they are richer so they have the money to build them better while Haiti doesn’t so they buildings would have far worse destruction even if the earthquake in Chile was 1.8 higher on the Richter Scale.

Lastly Chile is richer so they have more money to repair the buildings than Haiti so the destruction wouldn’t last for as long. People/ countries have been giving them money but even then Chile has more so they would be able to either completely fix the city or even re-build some of the buildings to make them even better.

So I hope I have convinced you that Haiti has suffered worse than Chile from their earthquakes and you agree with me when I say that Haiti has suffered worse because; the death toll was WAY higher, the buildings were weaker than Chile’s and hey don’t have as much money for repair.

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