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Paragraphing Example

Girl Guides: How it began.

Girl Guides began over 100 years ago. It all started when Lord Baden Powell created something called scouts which was for boys only. The girls weren’t pleased with this at all. They decided to create something similar for girls. To fix the issue they stormed into Crystal Palace, which was a big glass building in England that many people had come to visit, forcing Lord Baden Powell to listen to them. Then since he had no choice he got his sister, Olive Baden Powell, and his wife, Lady Baden Powell, to run a program similar to scouts for girls. After a few weeks Girl Guides had bloomed into a worldwide organization.


Canberra Camp Response 2

National Art Gallery.

This was by far my favourite piece of art I saw, the painting of the Dandenong Ranges by Eugene Von Guerard. It was so detailed it was like a photograph. In the centre of the painting was a lyrebird, a beautiful native Australian bird. The lush green ferns towered over the smaller shrubs. It was absolutely beautiful. It was dark around the edges and light in the middle. There was something about it though. Something not quite right. Something that changed the vibe completely. It didn’t feel like Australia. No. It was Europe. It was the most beautiful and realistic piece of artwork I have ever seen.

Canberra Camp Response 1

Old Parliament House.

In the middle of Canberra is an old building known as Old Parliament House. At our camp we were lucky enough to be able to visit this building and have a tour of it. There were two main parts; The Museum of Australian Democracy and the Electoral Education Centre. I really liked the Electoral Education Centre. The activities were really enjoyable.

One of the activities was where we got to do a role play of voting. The teachers nominated two ballot paper issuers, Tara and myself, and one counter of the votes, Declan. Everyone voted out of the four candidates, Banana, Peach, Orange or Apple. It was really interesting to see how the voting papers are issued, filled in and counted. I learnt heaps about the voting system.

It was really fun and informative. The old Parliament House was definitely one of the highlights of the 5/6 Canberra camp.

Behind the news: Cyclones.

Should places that have suffered from cyclones receive emergency payments?  I strongly agree with this statement.

Firstly it is not their fault a cyclone hit. They didn’t ask for a cyclone to come along and ruin their house and their town. People should give them money to help since it’s not their fault.

My next reason is that it might pay off. If you give them money now then they will give you money when you need it. If you don’t then two towns will be wrecked when none had to be.

So I hope you agree with me that people in cyclone prone areas should receive money every time they suffer from a cyclone.

Here is the link to the video, Behind the news: cyclones

100 word challenge

…as I stared into the water it began to turn green…

As I stared into the water it began to turn green. A creature emerged from the depths of the swampy water. The flies swarmed around the dead reeds. I felt sick just looking at it. It was the most putrid thing I had ever seen. And I was meant to swim in it! But it was so humid and sticky that I decided there was nothing else I could do but get my bathers on and jump. I hold my breath and…


As soon as I am in it changes. The water is clear and perfect. Ahhhh… this is where I am going to be spending the rest of my summer. In this pool.

Behind The News: Volcanoes.

Should people be allowed to build their house near a volcano? I agree and disagree with this statement so I am going to write a discussion text on it.

Volcanoes can be beautiful but are very dangerous when they erupt. So should people be allowed to live there? Let’s see the reasons behind both sides of the argument.

Firstly the negative side. People should not be allowed to  build their houses near volcanoes. Safety is an important reason why people shouldn’t be allowed to build their houses near volcanoes. People would die whenever it erupts. Young children who didn’t even agree to live there would also die which is extremely unfair.

Another reason is that family and friends of victims of the volcano could blame the government for not protecting them when the government had nothing to do with it. The government could be charged which isn’t right.

On the other hand there are many reasons why people should be allowed to build near a volcano. Firstly it’s their choice. People should be allowed to decide where they live and if the volcano erupts then it’s their fault they built their house there.

Secondly people should be allowed to because it’s not like all volcanoes are going to erupt. Lots of volcanoes are extinct which means they are never going to errupt.

So which one do you think? They should or shouldn’t be allowed to build their houses near a volcano?

100 word challenge: …but how would I know…

“MUM!” I shouted over Peach’s whining. Something was wrong. Peach never acted like this. I peered over her fur to see if mum was coming.


“What is it?” Mum said as she finally arrived. I sighed in relief. FINALLY.                                                   “Mum! Peach is acting really weird. I think she has broken her bone, but how would I know?! I’m really worried mummy!” I start to cry. Peach is my only friend and now I think she is about to die!!!


“She is fine. It is only growing pains. Just leave her alone and give her antibiotics for a week.”                  “Phew!” That was a fuss over nothing!

Behind the News: Earthquakes.

Out of the two earthquakes, the one in Chile and the one in Haiti, I believe that the one in Haiti was worse for the following reasons;

Firstly it killed 316 000 people while the Chile one only killed 525 people which is a big difference. If the earthquake ruins thousands of houses surely that isn’t as bad as an earthquake that kills thousands of people?! The houses and properties aren’t alive and don’t realise what is going on. People wouldn’t be as upset if their house is ruined than if their family died.

Also, the buildings in Chile were much stronger because they are richer so they have the money to build them better while Haiti doesn’t so they buildings would have far worse destruction even if the earthquake in Chile was 1.8 higher on the Richter Scale.

Lastly Chile is richer so they have more money to repair the buildings than Haiti so the destruction wouldn’t last for as long. People/ countries have been giving them money but even then Chile has more so they would be able to either completely fix the city or even re-build some of the buildings to make them even better.

So I hope I have convinced you that Haiti has suffered worse than Chile from their earthquakes and you agree with me when I say that Haiti has suffered worse because; the death toll was WAY higher, the buildings were weaker than Chile’s and hey don’t have as much money for repair.

Personal Writing Goals.


  • My personal learning goal for personal writing is to use a larger variety of vocabulary and more tier three language.
  • My other personal learning goal is to write in a style other than narrative.
  •  My last goal is to experiment with different tense and different person (third person, first person and second person)