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100 word challenge: Week 2: The Magical Things

Walking in the forest late one night

I find a carpet of circles

Bright yellow shiny circles


Beautiful as the blossoms of spring

Mysterious as distant galaxies

Magical as the northern lights


What are these things I ask myself

These mystical and magical things

Are they alive or are they not


I ponder day upon day

Days wasted, hours spent, minutes gone by

All because of these wondrous things


Will I ever find out

Maybe I will but maybe I won’t

Maybe l’ll be stuck wondering for the rest of my life


They made my head spin round and around

What ever they were they lit up the world

Even if it was only for a second



Behind The News: N.Z Earthquake

New Zealand seems to have a lot of earthquakes hit it. Some people think that they can’t help it and they can’t do anything to stop them. Others believe that they may not be able to control the earthquakes but they can definitely help them. I believe that New Zealand could have done something about the earthquakes and in the following reasons I will be persuading you why;

Firstly this isn’t the first earthquake in the area. They should have been expecting the earthquakes because seriously if you get them that much surely you would realise that the area is prone and find out a way of preventing them or something. New Zealand gets over 15, 000 earthquakes each year. Not all of them are large enough to be felt but surely that’s enough to tell you that you need to prepare more.

Secondly there are ways of making earthquake proof buildings, buildings that have good foundations and can sway slightly. Not all the buildings are earthquake proof even in the particularly prone areas. these would be the buildings that get ruined the most. If they know they will get earthquakes surely they would make more of the buildings quake proof.

So in conclusion I think that New Zealand should have been better prepared and I hope that after reading this you agree with me.

B.T.N Seed bank.

This weeks Behind the News was on the Seed bank. I strongly believe that the seed bank is not a waste of money. Here are my reasons why,

Firstly, if a country’s native plant died out then since it is native and not grown anywhere else then that would be the end of that plant. But with the seed bank that particular plant can be  re-introduced by using the seed bank’s copy of that seed.

My next reason is that if crops are wiped out in a area that has suffered from a form of disaster and no country is willing to help them then the people in the area won’t have enough food to survive. The seed bank, however could save them.

My last reason is that it can’t be a waste of money when we waste so much money on other stuff. Like for example the Australian government is spending 1,100,000,000 on making a tunnel so how is spending $12,010,970.30 which is $1,087,989,029 less, on preserving the worlds plants, a waste of money.

So overall I strongly believe that the seed bank is not a waste of money because, it could help save native plants, it could help people with a crop shortage and the government are spending their money on much more useless situations. This is why I believe that the seed bank is NOT a waste of money.


Hello and Welcome!

Welcome to my blog. My name is Juliet. I have 3 pets. I also have 2 sisters who are younger than me. My favourite holiday I have ever been on was in Singapore and Vietnam. I went to Universal studios, Adventure cove water-park and got to ride on the back of a motor bike!  It was so fun. I love reading, writing, cooking and playing tennis. My biggest fear is public speaking.

100 word challenge

The sunshine was peeking through the clouds on a warm yet cloudy day. I sat by watching, eating my mango ice. Suddenly a purple thing dashed past. I was so frightened that I jumped out of my deckchair. I jumped so high that I flew up into the sky. After a while I plummeted back to the earth. When I was safely on two feet I went in search of the purple thing. I found it eventually. “Show yourself!” I cried. The purple thing turned around, “Michael!” I hollered at him, “One day l’ll get revenge on you!” Why do little brothers have to be so evil?

Behind the News.

Out of all the leaders of the different parties if I could vote I would choose Richard Di Natale from the Greens.

Firstly, I know the Greens are big on environmental issues which is really important especially now-a-days where the world depends on electricity and basically stuff that causes pollution. If we don’t put a stop to pollution then our world will collapse. The skies will turn grey from all the smoke, the water will get so dirty that we can’t drink it and then eventually all the crops will die out. In the end everyone will die a painful death from loss of water and food. Is that that what you want for the future? The Greens could help stop this happen.

Secondly, it says in the video that they are passionate about other things like marriage discrimination. I think this is also an important issue because it is not fair of the government to say people of the same gender can’t marry. If people love each other they should be able to marry even if they are the same gender or not. It is not fair that this isn’t already the case. In countries such as Canada, Belgium, Spain, Norway, Argentina, Sweden and South Africa they already have legalised same gender marriage. Why don’t we just follow their lead?  People in a democracy are are meant to have equal rights so why isn’t marriage counted as an equal right? People of the same gender should be allowed to marry .

Last but definitely not least, the greens will take in refugees. I find it extremely unfair that the current government isn’t letting more refugees in. It is not their fault that their country is at war or just plain unsafe at the moment. They should be treated with more respect.
Less importantly, the reason they come to our country is that they think our country is a good place to live, stable and kindly. By turning the refugees down we are giving our country a bad name. Think about it from the refugees point of view. They have just travelled for months, leaving half their family behind to escape their country in hope for a better life for them and their children. As soon as they reach Australia they are taken to detention centres or other horrible places.Why? What did they do to deserve this treatment?

So in conclusion, I would vote for Richard Di Natale as the prime minister because the Greens care about the environment, they believe in same gender marriage and they will take in refugees.


Thank you for reading my B.T.N and feel free to comment.