March 2016 archive

100 word challenge #5

Prompt: Lie Row Fly Chips Sweet

“I WANT CHIPS!!!!!” I scream into my mothers face. “I WANT CHIPS NOW!!!!!” “W- well s-sweet I-I ummm, well I was just going to buy you some.” my mother stutters. “YOU LIAR! YOU WERE NEVER GOING TO GIVE ME CHIPS! THAT IS A LIE!” I scream. My annoying mother. Never listens to a word I say. Sometimes I wish I could fly at her and force her to do what I want. Or maybe I could row her out to sea and push her into the deep, dark, ocean, where she would stay and never annoy me again.

B.T.N #4

Voting Age:
-In Australia you have to be 18 years of age to vote
-In countries like Argentina, Brazil, Scotland, Switzerland and Germany you vote from the age of 16
-Some people, like Bill Shorten, disagree with the voting age and think it should be changed to 16.

-Will kids at the age of 16 ever get the vote or will the voting age still be 18?
-Why if we are responsible enough at the age of 16 to drive a car, aren’t we responsible enough to vote?

-I wonder, if we do change the voting age how far into the future will it be, and will it be changed to 16 or to another age, and if another age will it be changed so you have to be older or younger?

B.T.N. #3

B.T.N: Constitution.


  • Australia’s constitution was the first in the world to be voted in by ordinary people
  • The constitution states what the government can and can’t do.
  • No other law can override the constitution and everyone has to obey it including politicians and the prime minister.


  • Do we know exactly when the constitution was drawn up, not just the 1890’s but the year or have we not discovered that yet?
  • Why weren’t the Aboriginals allowed to be included in new Australian laws?


  • If they didn’t have the referendum in 1967 about Aboriginal’s rights, would we have had one more recently or would they still be discriminated?

100 word challenge #4

Prompt: …when the connection broke…
It was only when the connection broke that I realised how much this had meant to me. This is or more like was me. My entire life was based on this. And now it was broken. It made me want to cry, knowing that nothing else would ever be the same again. Not unless I found something or someone that meant as much to me as they did. Not that will ever happen, no-one will ever be as precious to me as they were. No-one will ever mean as much to me as they did. No-one. Ever…

100 word challenge #3

Prompt: A statue of 3 men talking. (picture)

I had been sitting there for ages, years, decades, even centuries. I was aching all over, I hadn’t  moved in such a long time that my entire body was rusted. Everyday people walk past me. Sometimes they stop and stare but never for long. Sometimes I long for a more exciting life.

I love the shopping mall in the city but my favourite part is the statues just sitting there, midway conversation unable to move. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be a statue, stuck in time watching people come past you everyday gaping at you.

B.T.N. #2

B.T.N: Australia Day:


  • Australia day used to be called Foundation day
  • Australia day used to be celebrated on the closest Monday to the 26th instead of the actual 26th
  • Australia day represents the day the first fleet arrived in Australia


  • Why did they change the name from Foundation Day to Australia Day?
  • Why does the Prime Minister announce the Australian of the year award on the eve of Australia day not the real day?


  • If white men/ European men didn’t come to Australia would the Aborigines still be the only people in Australia or would another country have founded Australia.

B.T.N #1

This week’s Behind the News was about Gravitational Waves. Recently thousands of scientists around the world helped to build two giant detectors in the U.S. Rainer Weiss thought of building these in back in 1972 and it has taken this long to get them up and running. Albert Einstein first suggested the concept of gravitational waves over 100 years ago. Scientists think that these waves occurred when two black holes collided and that is when our universe started. Now scientists think they will be able to find out what the inside of a black hole looks like and much more. One question I have is: What exactly will we be able to see.

100 word challenge #2

Prompt: Superhero

Whoosh! I soared through the air. I was flying, like a superhero, nothing holding me back, nothing stopping me. The feeling was sensational. ‘I am free!’ I thought to myself. Then, suddenly a thought hit me. ‘How am I flying? I am NOT a superhero, I CAN’T fly!’ As soon as this thought was processed through my brain I started to fall. Down, down, down.

Everything was black. I looked around me. All I could see was complete darkness. Then there was nothing. It was like I had lost reception from the rest of the world, cut off forever.