February 2016 archive

100 word challenge #1

Prompt : swimming, gas, green, dancer, likely.

I was swimming. Suddenly the pool collapsed on top of me. I could not breathe, gas was filling up my mouth. The pool turned green. The dancer, who had been dancing gracefully on the pool’s edge had fainted. The town was a site of destruction. Anyone walking past would likely believe the town had just suffered from a volcano eruption. Or at least an earthquake. But if they were told the truth, that I, Mary Jane Brown of 23 Envy lane, had caused this mess by accidentally splashing water on some power lines they would be amazed. Really amazed.

S.R.C application.


I know that if you choose me as our class’ Student Council Representative you will never in your entire life regret the decision.


The first reason you should nominate and vote for me is that I am really organised. For example, at school my desk is always organised and I know where my diary is and where all my books are. I am never late to class or anything else. I never forget to bring homework and notes in, they are always back on time.



Another reason you should nominate and vote for me is I have heaps of good ideas that would really help the school become a better place to learn. An example of this is when my sister is writing a story and has an idea but doesn’t know where to take it I am always there to help. In the end she comes up with an amazing.


My last reason why I should be your S.R.C representative is that I would not mind giving up my lunch times and recess’ to help the school.


So in conclusion you should nominate and vote for me because I have lots of ideas, I am organised and I would not mind staying in.


Thanks, Juliet.

Letter to Jude.


Dear Jude,

I am excited about being in 5/6 this year. I am looking forward to being more challenged and being more independent. The only thing I am not really looking forward for is sport. I like sport, especially tennis, but when it gets competitive I get all nervous and feel pressured and don’t play as well.

A thing that defines me as a person is my love for nature. I love the environment and being outdoors. I love all animals, when dad finds a bug or cockroach in the vegie patch and throws it to the chickens I always shout “NO!” my family say I like animals too much but I say all animals have the right to live.

I had a great Christmas and got heaps of awesome presents. Some of my favourite ones were the books I received, “The hunger games”, “Ruby Redfort, Catch your death”, “Friday Barnes, Under suspicion”, “Friday Barnes, Big trouble” and a whole lot more. These were some of my favourite presents because I love to read! Once I start a book I just can’t put it down! I simply can’t imagine life without books.

Over the holidays my family from Long Island came over to Australia one week after Christmas and they stayed for 3 weeks. We showed them around Moonee Ponds because they have only ever seen our old place in Brunswick so they have never been here before. We also showed them around Williamstown and Altona beach.

I also did lots of cooking over the holidays. I like cooking because often I can feel like everything must be perfect, and when I am cooking I feel like I am allowed to be a perfectionist. I also like cooking because it involves a lot of maths like when you measure the ingredients. Another reason why I like cooking is that I like eating the end result.

One thing we normally do on the holidays is go camping at Wilson’s prom or blanket bay or some other camp site. We didn’t do so these holidays because my Aunt and Grandma came over but I really enjoy that sort of thing

So this I am looking forward to having you as my teacher for the first time.





Why you should value me in your class.

Dear Jude,

You are extremely lucky to have me in your class for many reasons, I am efficient, I understand things, I am organized, I love learning, and I am great at listening and at giving feedback. There are many, many other reasons why you are lucky to have me in your class but I will run out of paper so I decided to only do these four.

Firstly, I am efficient and get my work done quickly but properly so I have time to help others figure out the problem or help you with odd jobs you need help with. I don’t rush but I still finish quickly. For example last year in Liz’s class I often completed my sheets or equations in maths quickly so I had time to help others. I am good at understanding what they are struggling with or how they are thinking and if they are on the right track.

Secondly, I understand things others may not. If someone misses they explanation or doesn’t understand it I can help them by explaining it and like I said, I finish my work fast so I won’t spend the whole time helping them do their work and use that as an excuse for not doing my work. For example, again last year in Liz’s class when someone needed help, like I said I do my work quickly so I finished mine and was always there to my peers.

My next reason is, I love learning. I love all subjects, maths, integrated, literacy, geography, history, science, specialists, and all the rest. I am curious and love learning new things, I love research and finding out facts so I am focused and engaged so you don’t have to repeat yourself.

Last but not least, I am organized. I always know where things are, what date things are on, when things are due back (I never bring things in late), what time to do things e.g. music lessons, etc., when it’s my turn to do a job e.g. take the bins out etc. Therefore I am never late to class or anything. One example of this was last year when everyone was looking confused because we had just been told that we didn’t have art like normal and everyone was wondering where to go, everyone that is, but me. “Guys, we’ve got Italian,” I said, “the time table has changed for this week, remember? Art’s on Thursday this week” “Oh yeah…” said everybody else and we went upstairs to Italian.

So overall you should really value having me in your class.