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Clink! I heard the sound of my key dropping. As I turned to grab it the wind sweeping down the hill picked it up taking it on its long journey to the south side coast. I started to chase after it “Wait up Wait up” I called but the wind not listening turned its back and kept swirling down the hillside sweeping further and further into the dirty streets of London. I started to weep, “How am I ever going to get home now?” I thought to myself. This did not help and I kept on weeping.


“Monea, Monea! Wake up!” cried a familiar voice. I looked around.  “Papa!”  I cried, “where were you? I lost my keys and have been looking for you for ages! How did you find me?” “Hush now Monea” said Papa soothingly. “It was only a dream.” “Really?” I asked “Really.” Replied Papa. “Are you sure? Last time you weren’t! I worried “Well this time I am.” Stated Papa Knowingly. “Ok then” I stammered. “Well if you’re so sure it was a dream I guess I should explain myself.” “Why yes you should. But let’s go out-side it’s a bit stuffy in here. How about we go out for dinner and talk about it there hey?” “Ok, but remember BRING YOUR KEYS!”


 “Of course dear.” He walked out with me trailing behind and shut the door after me.


When we finally arrived we ordered then talked it over at the table. “Well in my ‘dream’ as you called it I dropped my keys and then…” I recalled every single detail. “Hmmm.” “Well we have talked about it so I guess we better be going I guess.” “Yes.”


By the time we got back home it was dark. Papa fiddled around in his pockets for the keys. He groaned. “Don’t tell me you forgot them!” I cried in horror! “Yes Monea I did.” Replied Papa guiltily. “Well I guess we must sleep out here then.” I sighed.


The next morning we checked again (well Papa checked again) “NOPE no keys.” He moaned.  The next morning I decided that today I’d check. So that’s exactly what I did. And they were there in his back pocket the whole time! When he got up I showed him. He was so glad! We opened the door and let ourselves inside. “So my dream was true.” I teased Papa “I guess it was.” He joked alongside me.